Fresh and colorful

I painted with a friend last weekend and we really enjoyed it! We didn't have goal, or precise idea. We just wanted to relaxed with music (weird music actually). I played with the colour, the contrast... and that's it. No need explanation because there is not.

When lines are active

I did that a long time ago but I just found it now in my messy computer...

Why not simple?

Sometime it's important to follow your instinct, that's I did here. I needed to change my way to draw, find some new approaches. Then, this time it's irregular shapes with a simple fill color, ... I will continue this collection later, I quite like this.


My first pattern. I started with a simple shape but I keep doing and practice. I love to see the result, the repeating pattern :)


This day I played with my black pencil and my wrist. Actually, I used my pen in different way because I always like to explore...